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Start Time:16/11/2022 1:00:00 PM
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BELLINE OLYMPIC DATE reg. bay geld. 4 yrs. about 16.1h. by OLYMPIC LUX dam MH SMART DATE by TJIPKE. Breeding Recorded.

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Barnadown & Ambersprings Hotel
Gorey, Co. Wexford Y25 W8N0
Lot Documents:
Belline Olympic Date 37214142040404110001.jpg
269.8 kB
Belline Olympic Date 37214142040404110002.jpg
480.4 kB
Belline Olympic Date 37214142040404110003.jpg
501.9 kB
Belline Olympic Date 37214142040404110004.jpg
196.4 kB
Belline Olympic Date 37214142040404110005.jpg
192.2 kB
Belline Olympic Date 37214142040404110006.jpg
287.5 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410001.jpg
529.8 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410002.jpg
354.8 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410003.jpg
341.0 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410004.jpg
169.3 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410005.jpg
293.1 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410006.jpg
294.1 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410007.jpg
356.9 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410008.jpg
434.3 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410009.jpg
287.1 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410010.jpg
403.9 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410011.jpg
472.8 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410012.jpg
579.4 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410013.jpg
782.5 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410014.jpg
445.6 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410015.jpg
432.7 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410016.jpg
383.4 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410017.jpg
466.9 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410018.jpg
334.6 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410019.jpg
396.1 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410020.jpg
184.3 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410022.jpg
297.9 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410023.jpg
304.7 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410024.jpg
232.7 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410025.jpg
314.5 kB
Belline Olympic Date 3721414204040410026.jpg
190.6 kB

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Go For Gold Select Event Horse Sale 2022

November 14th, 15th & 16th

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